Frequently asked Pacemaker Questions

  1. How do the pacemakers know when to pace my heart and when not to?

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  3. Who benefits from a single chamber pacemaker and who from a dual chamber pacemaker?

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  5. I've been told that my pacemaker is set to pace at 70 beats per minute. When I felt my pulse the rate was 54 beats per minute - surely this means that my pacemaker isn't working?

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  7. What is a rate responsive pacemaker?

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  9. Is it safe to use a microwave oven?

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  11. Is it safe to use a mobile phone?

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  13. What about security devices outside shops and at airports?

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  15. How do you know when a pacemaker battery is nearing the end of its life?

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  17. Can I drive a car?

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  19. Won't a pacemaker stop me from dying by making my heart beat forever?

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